Richmond Hill teachers planning a parade through neighborhoods

Richmond Hill teachers planning a parade through neighborhoods
The relationship teachers have with their students is one that is unmatched. (Source: WTOC)

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - The relationship teachers have with their students is one that is unmatched.

Now with staff and students not knowing when they will return to the classroom, some school leaders are planning to see their students this week. Richmond hill teachers are set to parade through neighborhoods.

No matter what school district you talk to, no matter what teacher or student you talk to, this is a very tough time for both.

Teachers from the tri schools Carver Elementary, Richmond Hill Elementary and Richmond Hill Primary are pretty excited, with signs they created, to go and wave to their students and families who they haven’t seen in days.

Teachers were practicing social distancing which is what made them come up with this idea.

The first route will start with Ivy Street, from there they will go to the bottom, on to Cherokee Village, Melrose and many other neighborhoods.

Teachers are asking students and families not to run-up to the cars or gather in large groups while they do this.

For principals Karen Smith and Walt Barnes, they say their job is not only to support their teachers, but to also support their students and families.

Both say any way they can stay connected to their students while maintaining proper distance, they will.

“Richmond Hill Primary School, Richmond Hill Elementary School and Carver Elementary School, we are definitely a school who loves our students. They are the face of our school so it has been tough but we are just so fortunate that we have staff members, we have teachers who understand the value of relationships and they have truly banded together and just shown their commitment to stay connected to students, staying connected to their families, staying connected to our community and this is just one example," said Smith.

“The response that we’ve gotten from the community has just been overwhelming, I’ve gotten emails, texts, all kinds of things that the community really supports it, the kids are really excited," said Barnes.

Teachers will do the drive-thru again Thursday and Friday for different neighborhoods.

Again they ask that students and parents not come up to the cars and not gather in groups as they ride through neighborhoods.

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