Lowcountry school providing PPE equipment; Burton Fire donating items

Lowcountry school providing PPE equipment; Burton Fire donating items

BURTON, S.C. (WTOC) - The Burton Fire District has been preparing for COVID-19 calls for weeks, but right now they actually say they have so much personal protective equipment they were able to give some away.

“We are prepared for COVID-19. We are following state protocols. We take every case on a case by case basis. And dress out in our protective equipment as deemed necessary by that call,” Burton Fire Capt. Dan Byrnes said.

So far, the Burton Fire District has not had to dip in too much to their personal protective equipment supply. But today, an unexpected source gave them even more

“They have really cool practical labs that they do procedures on. “

Battery Creek High School had an excess of PPE they would normally use in their medical labs.

“Where the schools are closed, the state let the schools know, if you have anything extra to give, you know, donate to the first responders.”

Burton gladly excepted the donations, despite already having personal protective equipment.

“They were able to donate this to us. “

Because now they are passing it along to those who need it

“And we are going to get it to people in the hands of the medical profession who actually need it. “

They are not worried about giving the equipment away. They know while they have not dealt with too much coronavirus exposure

“As of now we have had no known exposures to date, so we are doing well.”

Those in the hospitals around them are battling it every day.

“And they say they know they have enough equipment for now and they are hoping they won’t have to respond to so many coronavirus calls that they will have to bring more in.”

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