Online, mail still options to complete 2020 Census

Online, mail still options to complete 2020 Census

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - One of the easiest ways to maintain social distance and still be part of the 2020 Census count, is getting online to submit your information.

"It's great because you have no interaction with that Census worker who is usually a volunteer from your community looking to make some extra money. And that way you're not putting that person or yourself at risk by interacting in person,” City of Savannah Public Communications Specialist Amanda LaBrot said.

The federal government uses the population count from the census to determine where they send money.

Participating in the count is crucial to make sure your community gets a fair and accurate share of billions in federal funds over the next ten years that support a variety of services.

"The Census is going to impact everything in our community from infrastructure to our schools. And while right now the focus is obviously COVID-19, hopefully that's going to be a relatively temporary focus for people, you know, weeks or months rather than the next ten years. So please just keep the Census in mind as you're stuck at home and fill that out to impact our community for the next ten years,” LaBrot said.

If you aren’t able to fill out the form online, the Census Bureau will send you a paper questionnaire in a few weeks for you to complete and mail back.

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