Advice for educators working remotely

Advice for educators working remotely

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -A lot of teachers are still working full time.

Doctor Chelda Smith, an associate professor and program manager with Georgia Southern’s elementary education department, offered some advice for those teaching remotely.

She says teaching styles that are entirely dependent on the internet can be especially difficult for some students because of the digital divide.

Dr. Smith says teachers can help students and parents by moving some of the grading and assignments offline.

“Either adopt like a textbook that parents can get from Amazon," said Dr. Smith. "Available for some phone conferences, that would be useful too.”

Another way teachers can take some of the burden and stress off of parents is being available for parents both phone and internet. However, she says it’s important for you to set boundaries for yourself by establishing set office hours. she also says to find creative ways to meet objectives without assigning more tasks.

“Teachers could create a situation, especially if they have an assistant, where it allows students to make that bridge and connection because they really are disoriented right now.”

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