Staying fit despite gym closures

Staying fit despite gym closures

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) -Plenty of people have withdrawal feelings after a week or more without their gym or fitness classes due to COVID-19.

Your gym’s closed. Workout classes are canceled. One certified personal trainer proves you’re only limited by your imagination and surroundings for getting or staying in shape.

America Minc set up her phone to lead hundreds in a Monday morning workout. She says it might be easy to think the pandemic prevents you from getting your usual amount of exercise.

“Let’s reframe this to think this is the perfect time to start a fitness plan, to continue a commitment to a fitness plan, or even reframe that to getting more activity,” Minc said.

She put viewers through a five-minute warmup followed by a combo of routines for 30 seconds at a time. Workouts don’t have to include expensive weights or treadmills to be effective.

“Get a jug, get a gallon of milk and do arm curls,” Minc said. "If you have a child at home, 30 or 40 pounds, do some squats. There’s plenty of things you can do.

For people feeling isolated at home and away from their gym or fitness class, a “group” can be as close as your phone.

“Text your BFF, or a friend from high school,” Minc says. "Your aunt, your sisters, your cousins, brothers, mother, father on Facetime. Get on and say “hey, for ten minutes I’m going to walk with you!”

The main thing to her is doing at least as much as you did yesterday, then more.

She says the university alumni office is looking at doing more of these too.

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