Tybee Island council makes necessary changes amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Tybee Island council makes necessary changes amidst COVID-19 outbreak

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - Everyone is adjusting to their new normal, including the Tybee Island City Council. City Hall is closed indefinitely, but there are still ways people can do business and pay bills.

“Everything that citizens need to do, they can do electronically. From getting a building permit to submitting plans to getting a parking permit,” said City Manager, Shawn Gillen.

If people do like writing out checks, this is still an option. They can come and drop it off in a box outside of City Hall.

“We’re encouraging those who still like to pay their water bill, their utility bill, with a written check and bring it to city hall every month to go to a direct bank draft,” said Gillen.

For any renewals coming up for parking permits, City Manager Shawn Gillen says they're being very lenient.

City Council held an emergency phone conference, Monday, to tighten up the COVID-19 emergency declaration. In this declaration and ordinance, it includes the ban of dine-in eating, the closure of non-essential businesses, the order to shelter at home and more.

“I plan on doing some video messages about things. Go out and see what our staff is doing around the city, what things actually look like on the ground when we put in different mandates like the closure of the beach and things like that,” said Gillen.

Keeping the community as informed as possible is why council will continue having meetings that are open to the public. During phone meetings, the public is not able to speak, but people can call city hall between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and talk to a city employee.

City Council has approved a Shelter at Home directive. Essential businesses may still be conducted including going to work and the grocery store.

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