Jasper County students, teachers adjusting to online learning

Jasper County students, teachers adjusting to online learning
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Navigating online and packet-based learning has not been easy for everyone.

“We definitely know that for us the biggest hurdle has been the adjustment of teaching face-to-face. Being able to truly be more intimate with our children,” Jasper County Superintendent Dr. Rechel Anderson said.

Many students learn in different ways. Learning from home has taken away their options.

“You have some students who learn, definitely and they do well with online learning. But you have those students who need to be in front of their teachers. So, it’s an adjustment. “

That adjustment may cause some students to not learn as effectively as they would otherwise. Something educators are worried about.

“I do believe that it will have some type of, you know, impact. The level of impact I’m not sure.”

In Jasper County, teachers are trying to combat this issue anyway they can. Whether that is by email, text, or calls.

“Our teachers are doing office hours. So, we are checking in with them throughout the week periodically.”

High schoolers and many middle schoolers are staying online, but elementary students are using packet-based learning. Wednesday is the school’s first packet drop-off day.

“For the safety of everyone we have purchased bins that we will have labeled per teacher, per grade level.”

Dropping off packets will allow teachers to track student progress as they normally would, but the district is still worried for the students they spend so much time with.

“We realize that we are their haven. We realize that most of our students in Jasper County School District spend the most of their time with us. And so, we are able to counsel them, we are able to talk with them, we are able to share that smile.”

They say for their over 2,000 students, school is a safe, stable place to be. They want to give them that stability, even if it is virtual. They’re hoping students continue to grow in the meantime.

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