Online learning means different challenges for students with special needs

Challenges of learning from home

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Distance learning is in full swing in school districts across the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry. Learning at home can be challenging especially for students with special needs.

For Allie and Alea Cox, learning is usually a little different for them. Having to learn virtually due to the threat of the Coronavirus has made things much more challenging.

“It’s been interesting, I mean, we’ve had moments that were exceptionally great that I felt like we were rockstars and then there have been some instances where I felt like a complete failure like I didn’t know exactly what to do for them,” said Kristi Cox, mother and Richmond Hill Councilwoman.

With both girls having down syndrome it puts them at a higher risk of catching the virus, which is why they have taken social distancing seriously.

“We’ve taken it extremely seriously because four out of our five family members would be classified as high risk and so we have been staying away from everybody including grandparents,” Cox said.

Cox credits the teachers and faculty who have helped guide them along the way; through the use of technology such as Zoom and Google Classroom.

“They’ve been fantastic. I don’t know that we could’ve done this without having them at the fingertips on our phone, they send links every day and there’s a Google Classroom.”

Cox says though it's been hard to adapt to their new norm, they remain hopeful and thankful for their health every day.

“I think that’s really been the hardest part of this whole thing is them not being able to go on with their regular routine, because kids with special needs typically like the routine of things and they don’t like change,” she said. “I don’t know that every minute of every day we remain positive, I think we’ve had our moments when we broke down a little bit and kind of said we don’t know what God is doing in all of this.”

Cox says they have started to get creative to pass the time and want people to take social distancing and isolation seriously for the sake of other people’s lives.

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