Evans County students receiving material to help with distance learning

Evans County students receiving material to help with distance learning

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - While many schools move into another week of distance learning with E-books, there are other districts that aren’t quite there yet. The Evans County School District says they are currently providing students and families with work packets and other resources for now.

"We wanted to just be continuing the learning, not new learning because we don't expect the classroom to be recreated in the homes and we know that our parents are having to handle and juggle a lot of things right now,” Academic Services Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kristy Vandenberg said.

Dr. Vanderberg says they currently have nine locations students and families can receive their materials.

She says while other districts have reliable access to internet for online learning, that's not the case for them.

"Right now, our biggest concern is that internet connectivity in the district is not stable, there's not a consistent amount of internet to all of our students,” Dr. Vanderberg said.

For some families learning from home can be difficult, but for others they say it's not that bad.

"It's been really good, she's been staying with me while her mom works so we've been doing homeschooling. She's a really smart kid so it's been going really well,” grandmother Mary Gibson said. "I'm sure it's hard on people whose children are slower learners, I'm sure it's hard on parents who are working this is probably not an ideal situation for a lot of people."

For faculty, they say they're just trying to keep learning as fresh as possible for whenever they return to the classroom.

"It's important to be providing resources in the home even though we're not taking them for a grade, we want the students to have the chance to just continue the learning that was already taking place."

Dr. Vandenberg says all additional resources are on the schools website and Facebook page.

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