Couple says “I do” using Zoom video conference

Instead of cancelling their weddings plans, the Ogundele’s used video technology to get married in their home in front of hundreds of guests
Updated: Apr. 1, 2020 at 11:13 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Newlyweds Joshua and Jillian Ogundele originally planned to get married at First African Baptist Church last weekend.

However, instead of cancelling their wedding plans completely, they decided to use video technology instead.

“Our friend introduced us to Zoom", said the bride, Jillian Ogundele, “and we said ‘Hey if we get the pastors on board, this could work!’”

The couple spent a little over a week planning their virtual wedding with family and friends.

They even sent out new wedding invitations and did a rehearsal to make sure all the technology was working.

”Walking some people through technology, it definitely wasn’t the smoothest", said Ogundele.

But come Monday afternoon, Joshua and Jillian were married in their home in front of hundreds of family and friends who all logged onto Zoom to watch the wedding. And some family and friends who were out of state or some they hadn’t seen for years were able to join in on the celebration.

​"We didn’t plan on doing a toast or anything like that but people had champagne and wine glasses and flutes and they were all ready for toasting at the end", said Jillian, “Josh doesn’t dance but we convinced him to do a first dance; we didn’t really go into it with a plan but just the way everybody really supported and came out it just really elevated the experience for us.”

And even though this wasn’t your traditional wedding , the groom was still head over heels for the bride.

Both Jillian and Joshua say even though their original plans fell through, being together is what matters most during this time.

It''s really important at the end of the day if you’re stressed about finding the right dress. You’re stressed about all the details. I think when you’re just stripped of all of that it just reminds you of what’s important. We’re still here together."

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