Good News: Truck drivers fed by Bay Street restaurant

Good News: Truck drivers fed by Bay Street restaurant

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As he drove down Bay Street, Terry Bailey saw signs for an offer that was too good to pass up, and they signaled something else to him as well.

“It makes me feel,” he said, “that there's still good people in the world.”

Bailey was among the hundreds of truckers who stopped near the corner of Bay and Lincoln Street the last couple of days, flagged down by the staff at Debi's Restaurant, and given a free breakfast biscuit along with a side of gratitude.

"It's so different with the virus out there, there's nobody on Bay Street,” said Debi Christiansen. “But the truckers are still working and they're going back and forth all day long. And we've noticed that their lives have continued to be very aggressive and they're delivering and doing what they need to do.”

So, Christiansen, who owns Debi's, wanted to do what she has been doing in Savannah since 1972 and make people happy with her food.

With help from family and staff volunteering their time, she has made more than 200 egg biscuits the last two days and given them out to the passersby who are not only working themselves in the near shutdown, but making it possible for others to keep working too.

"If it wasn't for the truckers, we wouldn't be able to get any of our food,” said Christiansen. “We depend on them every single day. If we didn’t have them delivering our food, our mail, it would just slow everything down to a stop.”

“It's better than sitting here in an empty restaurant feeling all doom and gloom. If we're here, we're going to make it happy.’’

Debi hopes to keep her business open through takeout and family meal sales.

And she hopes the joy she has been sharing, like the truckers the last few mornings, travels far beyond Bay Street.

"Everybody is kind of sad right now because of the virus and things just aren’t going the way they want, there’s a lot of stress and tension,” said Christiansen. “And if we can just make these truckers happy doing this, then when they get home, they’re bringing that cheer to their house. And the wife that’s been home all day taking care of the kids probably will have a better attitude with her husband coming home with a smile on his face rather than saying I’ve been working all day. So, just brings a little bit more cheer.”

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