Hands-on education at ECCA taking new approach due to COIVD-19

The college & career academy takes unique approach to at home education

Hands-on education at ECCA taking new approach due to COIVD-19

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Effingham College and Career Academy prides itself in offering a hands-on approach to education.

Which, as you can imagine, is especially hard if not impossible right now. But that hasn’t stopped them from insuring all their students still receive an education that’s unlike any other.

It wasn’t long ago that students were walking through the front doors of Effingham College and Career Academy.

But of course, things are much different now.

“Times like this you gotta think outside the box,” said ECCA CTAE Distict Coordinator Todd Wall.

Something all teachers are now doing, but maybe none more so than those at ECCA.

“If anything, they’ve got to think a little more because must of what they do is hands-on. You know, it’s hard to teach welding if the student doesn’t have a welder,” said Wall.

A unique issue, for a unique type of schooling. But one Wall knew they could handle.

“You know, a teacher’s passion is to educate students.”

If there’s one thing ECCA is full of, it’s passionate teachers. Teachers like Kimberly Larson.

“Everybody has had to become super creative and flexible,” said Larson, who is a Computer Science Instructor.

And she’s not alone.

“Our automotive class is using the Ford Motor Company to work at home," said Larson, "and our culinary arts class they’re actually doing TikTok videos doing demonstrations on how to prepare recipes at home.”

Instructors in the agriculture program even put together a YouTube video for students of an artificial insemination of a cow.

“Even though they couldn’t be here to see it firsthand and get the real hands-on experience, we were still able to give part of that to them,” said Wall.

So yes, it’s not quite the same and certainly not what any of them had hoped for but for ECCA Senior Garrett Collins, he believes getting a real-world education has prepared him for the worst of what the real world has to offer.

“It’s definitely made us prepared for these challenges that towards us and I think we’re handling it better now than if we hadn’t learned these things in school,” said Collins.

Collins did say he is disappointed to have to miss out on things like prom which would’ve been last weekend and of course graduation but councilors at the school have been working with them to help them get ready for the next step whether that’s college or a career.

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