Richmond Hill senior banners being hung at city hall

Richmond Hill senior banners being hung at city hall

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Wildcat Field in Richmond Hill sits mostly silent now.

A few birds are chirping. A flag rustles in the wind. But those are the only sounds at a place usually filled with the noise of baseball.

The manicured grass waits patiently for its next game, which now won’t happen until next spring.

“It’s a bummer. It kind of hit hard that I won’t get to play anymore with the high school friends I’ve grown up with all my life,” Buckley Bayens said.

For the Wildcats eight seniors, like Bayens, their high school careers are over.

Like many programs, the Richmond Hill baseball team honors their seniors with banners hung around the ballpark. But you won’t find them there. Instead they can be found in a much more prominent location.

“They missed their senior night, so it’s just about giving them a little bit of their recognition.”

Early Thursday morning, the senior banners were hung in front of Richmond Hill’s City Hall, not just for the Wildcat baseball team, but for all the high school’s senior athletes with more coming.

“Altogether we’ll probably have 30 to 40 banners.”

Richmond Hill Mayor Russ Carpenter knows this gesture won’t completely make up for the loss of their senior season, but he hopes it shows that they aren’t being overlooked.

“A senior night, playing their senior year. That’s very important to them. They’ve worked for 12 years to get there. This just says the city recognizes that and we’re behind you.”

Bayens’ picture is one now overlooking Ford Avenue. He says it’s nice to see his and his teammates’ accomplishments aren’t going unnoticed.

“To see our community supports us like that and how they have our backs in everything we do; them doing this for us is pretty cool,” Bayens said.

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