SCCPSS leaders adjust after governor cancels in-person class for rest of school year

SCCPSS leaders adjust after governor cancels in-person class for rest of school year

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - School leaders across the state are reacting to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to close in-person classes for the remainder of the school year. That decision has some districts working to figure out what is next.

While it’s not what district leaders were hoping for, it is something they’ve been planning for.

“We make our adjustments and we started planning for extended closure actually about two weeks ago. We still have lots to do,” Savannah-Chatham County Public School System Superintendent Dr. Ann Levett said.

SCCPSS leaders meet daily to discuss how they will navigate this unprecedented time. They’ve been issuing devices for students in need, preparing curriculum and discussing what’s next.

Their goal is to focus on learning, safety and communication as their plans unfold. Dr. Levett says they are looking closely at how they can close out the school year from afar, especially graduation.

While it won’t be typical, they want to celebrate their seniors somehow. As for the other students and moving on next year, that’s a case-by-case situation.

“One of the things that we have as an advantage is three quarters of our year is already over. So, we have a pretty good sense of where students are in terms of being prepared for the next level. Our intention at this point is to offer the kinds of support for students who were struggling and then to offer the kinds of enrichments for students who were well on track and we knew they were already ready for the next grade. Those kinds of decision of course are individual, and we will do whatever is necessary to try to assist the students who may have not been at the point we wanted them to be for movement to the next grade,” Dr. Levett said.

Right now, school is scheduled to end for the year on May 15, but Dr. Levett says that could change. She asks families to stay tuned into the district’s messages, be patient and practice compassion.

Dr. Levett was asked about school lunches and if they’d continue to provide them now that school is closed through the year. She says if they can provide the meals they will, but it depends on if their suppliers continue operating.

Next week, meals will be delivered by bus on Tuesday and Thursday.

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