Gift of masks gives local nurse strength to keep fighting

ICU Nurse reaches out for masks and gets much more in return

Gift of masks gives local nurse strength to keep fighting

COASTAL EMPIRE, Ga. (WTOC) - Medical care workers have found themselves on the front lines of a fight that may be far from over.

A battle that takes a toll on them both mentally and physically.

“We’re all scared you know we all have fears. Right now, I think for nurses it’s particularly overwhelming.”

Savannah ICU Nurse Kimberly Burke sharing a sentiment a lot of medical professionals are feeling right now.

A feeling that lead Burke to contact a woman from her past.

“So, I reached out to the woman who actually altered my wedding dress.”

That woman, Carolyn Beasley, had recently started into a new venture.

“With the virus going on I found out there was a very big need for the face mask,” said Beasley.

Luckily for Burke, Beasley hasn’t changed much since they last spoke.

“I remember her being so kind during that time when I was planning my wedding,” said Burke.

Also lucky for Burke, the price was more than reasonable.

“I told them my heart would not allow me to sell them,” said Beasley.

Even more incredible when you consider Beasley spends about 12 hours a day making them, and her main business with alterations has nearly come completely to a halt.

So, you may be wondering why she’s doing it?

“I don’t know, I just love to help people out, "said Beasley, "I mean I’ve been in that situation with ill family, so I know there’s a need for most anything, any kind of help, so I just want to give back.”

While Burke may have just been looking for some masks, what she got with them may be just as important.

“When there are people that want to help us it’s very humbling and it gives us the strength that we need when right now sometimes we do feel weak.”

Beasley did want to point out that she isn’t doing this alone.

She said so many people have stepped up to donate fabric and elastic, even helping her cut or sew what they can, quick to remind anyone who asks that this is a community effort.

Although the masks are free she does ask that you donate to their efforts whether that’s with fabric, elastic or money all will go back into making masks.

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