Hinesville community thanks hospital workers from parking lot

Hinesville community thanks hospital workers from parking lot

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - The parking lot at Liberty Regional Medical Center was filled with dozens of cars Thursday night, but not because of any medical emergency.

Several folks in Hinesville parked their cars to help show their appreciation for the doctors and nurses inside, thanking them for their service during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just seeing how our community in Liberty County comes together and to support our needs. Today our need was for us to show our appreciation,” said Karen Bell, from Hinesville.

Many made signs. Others simply honked and waved as medical staff walked out on breaks or after their shifts. A few even joined in on the fun.

For those who parked, it was a most sincere “thank you” for those going above and beyond at a critical time.

“Eeven though we’re all socially distant, this is a way we can say thank you. And not that this isn’t their job, or it’s not what they should do. It’s that they’re doing so much more than they could do. And how much we as a community appreciate those efforts on our behalf,” Liberty County Chamber of Commerce CEO Leah Poole.

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