Liberty Co. school leaders looking at plans to help seniors

Liberty Co. school leaders looking at plans to help seniors

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has directed public schools to remain closed for the rest of the academic year. Liberty County’s School System is now preparing for the extended closure.

On Thursday, district staff met to discuss its plans for students. A final decision hasn't been made, just yet. The district will notify parents when they get a plan in place, but the superintendent said his main focus right now is the senior class.

Liberty County School System has 603 high school seniors, who would be using this time to prepare for graduation. However, after Gov. Kemp extended Georgia's school closure, district leaders are now trying to figure out a plan for the Class of 2020.

"We were hoping that we would get back into school and we would have the chance to get our seniors out of here,” Superintendent Dr. Franklin Perry said.

Dr. Perry says he's asked staff to identify seniors who are currently in good academic standing with enough credits to graduate, and then those who need to catch up. The district will then meet on Monday to discuss a solution for those students.

"We're going to come back and see what online stuff we can put in place to get those students who are on the bubble to get them out,” Dr. Perry said.

Graduation is another topic being discussed right now.

Dr. Perry posed the question, "Can we do some kind of virtual graduation?”

As for the other grades, Perry says those students will continue digital learning and have time to catch up once the pandemic is over.

"The rest of the students are going to be coming back. We can catch them up and we can do whatever we want to do,” Dr. Perry said.

Perry says the extended closure has caused some inconveniences, but the safety of the students comes first.

"Education, I'm telling you, it's important but we have got to get control of this or it's going to cause some problems,” Dr. Perry said.

Parents with seniors should expect the district to reach out to them soon regarding their student.

There have also been questions about field trip reimbursements or class rings; all that will be discussed at Monday’s meeting.

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