How to organize your home like a pro

Kate Turk has advice for those of you looking to make a change in their organizational habits.
Kate Turk has advice for those of you looking to make a change in their organizational habits.(source: WTOC)
Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 10:46 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - With all the time you’re spending indoors right now, you may realize your house has started to feel a little cluttered, chaotic or cramped.

Kate Turk owns her own professional organizing business, House of Turk. She has expert advice for those who have decided to organize their home She says where you start organizing makes a big difference.

“The first place to start, and I always tell this to all of my clients, is to work on what I call the things that move," Turk says. "And so it’s the things that come in and out of your house normally and the things that you’re using every day. So mail, kids papers from school, and then entryways, so like your shoes, your jackets, all of that. And right now because we are in spring, it’s a great time to transition the entryway. So really the whole point is to start with things that you see that are going to reduce visual clutter because it’s the visual clutter that’s creating a lot of the anxiety. So I always start with that before I jump into like a pantry or something or a closet because once you take that stuff out, it’s out and there’s no turning back.”

The warmer weather we’ve been experiencing may inspire you to do a spring cleaning of your closet. Turk advises you to take all your clothes out of the closet, and think about what you’ve actually worn.

“Taking your sweaters out, and really looking at what did you use," Turk says. "It’s really all about what you need, editing out what you haven’t used so that you’re not just shoving a bunch of sweaters in to deal with next season. Right? So if you haven’t worn it in five years, but you’re like ‘oh I’m going to hold onto this chunky sweater because I love it’, but you didn’t wear it, I always say like put that aside, and then finish everything else, then go back to it and think even harder that you probably should give it away. It’s really about editing when you’re transitioning and that’s like step number one. I always like to switch different things in my closet like shorts and sweaters. So whereever my shorts are in the winter, my sweaters are in the summer. So that’s the kind of system I think about. So same things with shoes, so like my winter shoes are in the back in the summer and I bring them forward in the winter and vice versa.”

One last organizing tip from Kate: organizing is all about creating systems so that you waste less time trying to find things. You should create that system based on what you do on an average day at home.

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