Students, teachers react to postponement of FFA State Convention

Due to COVID-19 the state convention was postponed leaving many students in limbo

Students, teachers react to postponement of FFA State Convention

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia has one of the largest number of Future Farmers of America (FFA) members in the entire country.

With the postponement of this years State FFA Convention, that means thousands of students may not get the celebration they hoped they’d have.

A move that has been tough for students, teachers, and the current Georgia FFA State President Erik Robinson.

For members of FFA in Georgia, April is a big month.

“This is normally the craziest time that we have all year,” said Robinson.

As students prepare for the culmination of sometimes four years’ worth of work.

“We would be getting ready for our state convention,” the University of Georgia freshman Robinson adds.

A convention that was going to be even more special for Robinson, who is serving his one-year term as State President.

So, when they found out it had been postponed it felt like their Super Bowl had been taken away.

“So, for us, we’d been working for years to get on the State Officer team and this is our championship, State Convention.," said Robinson, "this is where it all comes to culmination, where all our hard work is poured out.”

A feeling echoed by Agricultural Education Teacher Meredith Arrington.

“The first few days it kind of made me sick to my stomach to think about.”

Not because of what had been taken away from her, but what had been taken away from her students.

“They were really excited about going across stage and getting their state degrees and getting their charms and shaking Erik’s hand,” said Arrington.

But after the initial shock Mrs. Arrington decided to put one of her own lessons into practice.

“You get three days to throw yourself a pity party. After that you have to come up with a plan and then move on.”

A lesson it seems her former student had taken to heart.

“We are a little bummed about it but we’re still trying to stay as optimistic as possible because there’s going to be a plan for everything eventually." said Robinson, the Rincon native, "we’re going to have something where students can get recognized, we can get recognized and we’re still going to have the best time with the cards that we’ve been dealt.”

Both Erik and Mrs. Arrington say they understand why it had to be postponed to make sure everyone stays safe.

As for the future of the State Convention that is still up in the air.

They do plan on having something like Erik said but they aren’t exactly sure what that will look like at this time.

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