Bryan Co. residents urged to follow shelter in place order

Bryan Co. residents urged to follow shelter in place order

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Bryan County now has 26 positive COVID-19 cases with two deaths.

COVID-19 isn’t sparing any community or county, which is why Bryan County commission chairman Carter Infinger says they are pleading with people to follow shelter in place orders and CDC guidelines.

Infinger says there’s no doubt that they are concerned with the number of cases in the county.

He says as leaders, they are trying to get people to take this pandemic seriously and follow every guideline and recommendation that is pushed out, in order to help flatten the curve.

He says as the numbers change day in and day out, the scariest part is it's only the beginning.

"I think that number is going to get bigger we're encouraging people to continue to shelter in place and don't get in groups of five or more. My main concern is really getting people to adhere to the CDC guidelines, people aren't taking this serious and say well I don't know anybody that's got it and we're staying together as a group, I mean we've implemented things within our own county with our employees so our county employees aren't around each other."

Infinger says Bryan County continues to update its website and social media with information residents need to know.

He says he’s hoping everyone can get back to normal in the next several weeks.

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