Teacher leaves small, loving message in classroom window

Teacher leaves small, loving message in classroom window

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - In times like this, it’s the smallest acts that are leaving some of the biggest impacts. A Savannah-Chatham County Public School teacher didn’t think much of a small gesture, but it’s been inspiring those who drive past the closed school building.

Simply put: “We miss you.” This is the sentiment of so many teachers as they face the remainder of the school year without being in class with their students and continue distance learning.

“It’s been difficult to reach all of the students and to get the interaction that I would normally do with them,” Donnie Jones said, a teacher at Hesse K-8.

While teachers are doing their best to make the most of this time, Jones thought of a hands on way to show his students how much he cares.

Jones says teachers got a brief period of time to safely enter their classrooms and gather teaching materials they would need to continue for the year and that’s when he wrote out his feelings for all to see.

“I basically decided to do it because every time I’d ride by, my classroom is the top right classroom and I always just look up at it and I kind of think to myself did I leave anything on or you know what’s going on in there and I was kind of hoping that one of my students rode by and they would look up and see that too and just you know that we do, we do miss them,” Jones said.

Jones’ fellow teachers echo his window treatment and say its small things like this that mean the most during this unprecedented time.

While writing his message took only a minute, it’s clear the impacts of his note will be long lasting.

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