Good News: Coach’s Corner changes direction to stay open

Good News: Coach’s Corner changes direction to stay open

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - They are not playing around at Coach’s Corner these days. The sports bar is working hard to stay in business.

Without sports, a sports bar must change its game.

"I cried. I was in tears. It was very devastating to know they were canceling everything,” Coach’s Corner owner John Henderson said.

But the pandemic has not killed Henderson's dream. For 29 years, Coach's Corner served food largely to give customers something to do while watching games. Now, its owner has turned to the kitchen to keep his business going.

"There's no way we were going to quit and go out of business. If there was a way, we could do it safely, we were going to try our hardest to stay in business,” Henderson said.

Coach's has gone into full restaurant mode since all sports shut down. They are offering pickup and delivery of their full menu – as well as new dishes they make on outdoor smokers.

"Every day, we smoke butts, rubs and chicken, that's a daily thing. We started with beef brisket today and we'll be doing turkeys and hams next week for Easter. It's a limited supply, just keeping up with demand. But it's been working out pretty go us,” Henderson said.

And for the community as well. Coach's has been able to keep all of its staff onboard. And has been a dependable option for those who don't cook or can't get out for food.

"It's been a really good outcry. People have been thanking us like we're heroes. We're not heroes, the heroes are in the hospitals and on the front lines. But b4eing able to provide the service of cooking that some people can't get has been great,” Henderson said.

And he plans to do it until its game time again.

"I’m going until we reopen, when everyone else starts to reopen. I’m not going to quit. If the government said it wasn’t healthy and we had to stop, I wouldn’t keep doing it. But right now, demand is growing and we’re still going to be here for them,” he said.

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