Sales down at candy stores this Easter season

Sales down at candy stores this Easter season

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Business along River Street, like River Street Sweets, rely on some foot traffic from Spring Break and Easter to boost their sales.

Normally, River Street Sweets would see thousands of visitors through the doors getting fresh pralines, bear claws and more. But instead, they’ve had to change their business model because of the coronavirus during one of the busiest weeks of the year.

“It goes against everything about how we do business. So, we’ve had to adapt, change and overcome,” River Street Sweets owner Tim Strickland said.

You can almost smell their pralines, but free samples aren’t an option right now. Instead, you’ll have to order them on Uber Eats, online or pick them up. It’s a whole new way of offering their candy to customers though they aren’t seeing as many as normal.

“Our mail order has jumped about, literally, it’s up about I think it’s about 145 percent from last week. So, that’s been the positive, but we’re literally off 80 percent in sales so that only makes up for a small portion of what we do,” Strickland said.

River Street Sweets has shut down nearly 20 locations leaving one store open where they practice social distancing and CDC guidelines. While not ideal, they are making it work. And don’t worry kids, the Easter Bunny has their number.

“The Easter Bunny has shown up several times and is delivering packages all over the South,” Strickland said.

While they are experiencing their own challenges, River Street Sweets wanted to show local healthcare workers how much they mean to them, so they delivered hundreds of handmade pralines and bear claws Friday hoping to leave a sweet impression. They went to Candler Hospital and Memorial Health.

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