Homes damaged by tornado in Odum, Ga.

Homes damaged by tornado in Odum, Ga.

WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Over 30 homes have been damaged or destroyed in Wayne County, Ga. after severe weather passed through the area early Monday morning.

Their EMA director says the National Weather Service confirmed a tornado in the area.

No fatalities have been reported in the area, but three people were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

There are widespread power outages reported in the county.

A lot neighbors, community members stepped up to help each other though this tough time.

There is significant damage along Railroad Street.

Richard Johnson, Wayne County’s EMA Director, says here in Odum specifically, there are approximately 35 homes that are damaged or destroyed.

All day crews have been working on power lines in the area as hundreds lost power from this tornado.

Crews have been busy clearing downed trees and debris too. Johnson says the storm came through after 7 a.m. when several were at home and inside.

“There was a father and a 6-year-old in a mobile home that the tornado actually lifted the mobile home with them inside carried it over the power lines, slammed it against the trees, and then fell to the ground and those were two of the three we transported. They walked out, it was nothing short of a miracle, absolutely.”

Neighbor after neighbor we spoke to say they were grateful for their community members pitching in to help.

Whether it was clearing debris, removing trees from homes or even helping them pack things up. They say this community quickly united to pick up the pieces.

“It’s like a war zone actually, the damage is massive in this little town of around 400 people, but the community outpouring has been unreal," said Herschell Hires, Chairman Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

“It took no time for everybody to get out to check on every, on each other and you know start the clean up process. Just in four hours the clean up process almost looks like it used to be it’s really amazing," said Odum resident Stephen King.

Just seeing the damage is hard, but knowing families like the Brannen’s were in their home celebrating Easter just 24 hours ago with their family makes this more difficult.

You can practically see through their home. In fact their roof is back in some bushes.

Thomas and Daphne have lived here together for three years, but this home was Thomas’ grandparents.

He was headed into work as a paramedic knowing the storms were coming, when his wife called him saying it hit their own home.

Daphne says she heard glass break and ran for cover. When she walked out, she couldn’t believe what she saw left of her house.

“Hard, because this is our home and I’ve never been through anything like this before and so just to look at our home, look at everyone else’s home just shock," said Daphne Brannen.

“Material things can be replaced. I’m glad that Odum is coming together. We’ve already got a crane in town getting trees off houses. It could have been a lot worse," said Dapne and Thomas Brannen.

They have been packing up what they can from their home.

The Brannen’s aren’t the onlyy ones displaced. Wayne County Ema says they are helping homeowners who need help.

But several are going to stay with family, including the Brannen’s.

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