Proud to be a Farmer: Williams family

Proud to be a Farmer: Williams family

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Delvin Williams farms with his two sons on the land his grandpa farmed with a mule to plow. Equipment’s changed just a little.

“Technology's come on the scene. In the last few years, it's changed drastically,” Williams said.

This year, wet or dry conditions take a back seat to a pandemic that's caused uncertainty for everything - even how much corn poultry growers will buy for feed.

“We can grow crops, yes. But we've got to move them at the end of the day. We've got to get paid,” son Chase Williams said.

They grow corn, peanuts, wheat, cotton and that's not all.

You might not think of watermelons as a row crop. But the Williams family will plant hundreds of acres of produce as a safety net in case one of the other crops goes bad.

Both say they've added acres over the years in hopes that quantity gives them a better chance of breaking even.

“We'd be better off taking our money to Vegas, it's that bad. We're spending hundreds in order to make pennies,” Williams said.

While the struggle would send some running for other work, the family stays tied to the soil.

“I love it. A fourth generation farm here. Guess I'm in until the end.”

The satisfaction of tending the land makes them Proud to be a Farmer.

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