Liberty Co. community continues to cleanup after tornado

Liberty Co. community continues to cleanup after tornado

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Many in Liberty County have a mess on their hands. They are thankful no was hurt when a tornado roared through, but they are wondering how long before their community is back to normal.

Many residents have been out all day with their chainsaws in Sunbury, trying to clean up more debris and trees from Monday's storm. However they say they’re looking to the county for help.

Just 24 hours after a disastrous storm ripped through many Liberty County neighborhoods, residents are cleaning up their yards and driveways.

Though many are coming together to help with the cleanup, it's an effort that could take weeks.

Steven Webster says neighbors are trying to do everything they can to get their Sunbury neighborhood back to normal, but they can't do it alone.

"We love our community here it's a beautiful area I moved here about two years ago myself, the neighbors and the neighborhood are great everybody's pitching in. You're seeing all the piles that are being put in the street and right now we're contemplating on do we burn it I mean we have no idea where to put it," said Webster.

Webster says through it all they were lucky to not have any damage done to their house or cars.

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