NWS surveying Hampton Co. tornado damage

NWS surveying Hampton Co. tornado damage

HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Storm damage assessments were ongoing in Hampton County Tuesday, with the National Weather Service joining that effort.

The team from Charleston went to several of the hardest hit areas of the County to get a look at damage to help them gauge exactly how strong the storm was, all while a massive, community-led cleanup effort was underway.

While following the surveyors, we also heard more remarkable survival stories, like that of Hazel Ginn.

“Stuff just started falling in on me. I said Lord, just take care of me, let somebody find me," said Ginn.

As the storm rolled through, it caused portions of her roof to collapse, pinning her underneath the debris with only her head exposed.

“And my head was just stuck out, but it caught me on my shoulder, my legs and my hip.”

In the moments that followed the storm, family living nearby, now cleaning up the debris around her home, rushed to help her. For 30 minutes they searched, and eventually found Hazel buried in her home of 62 years.

“They got in there somehow and started pulling the stuff back.”

Her grandson first spotted her, and others helped to pull her to safety. Hazel told us what she believes got her through that terrifying experience.

“The good Lord. I’ve always told them the Lord will take care of us, and He did.”

One big thing the County’s emergency management director still wants folks to understand, unless you live in these hard-hit areas, don’t go there. There’s a lot of cleanup and utility repair still happening, and the last thing they need is non-essential traffic.

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