Richmond Hill seniors surprised with signs

Richmond Hill seniors surprised with signs

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Senior students at Richmond Hill High School have been getting quite the surprise from faculty and staff.

Signs have been placed in their front yards that say “Richmond Hill High School Class of 2020.”

Many seniors at Richmond Hill High School and their parents say though these signs won’t replace being able to experience their last year of high school, it definitely means a lot and something they’ll cherish forever.

“Senior year is important and we did get it taken away from us, like there’s nothing we can do about it,” said senior Katherine Stigall.

Stigall, like many other seniors across the country, is struggling to deal with the reality of not being able to finish their last year of high school. A reality that came all too quickly.

"I think it's difficult especially with the timing of it being the end of the year with having to miss graduation and prom and you know all the fun senior stuff, like that makes it tough."

This is why parents, faculty, and staff decided to honor each senior.

“It means a lot. I’m a twin actually, so I have two signs in my front yard and it’s actually really interesting to go around the neighborhood and see all the other signs in the front yards and see like the other seniors who are in the same situation.”

For some parents like Cheryl Pangborn, this gesture means way more than just a little sign with a simple message.

"He is a student with autism and that means that he can stay in school until he's 22, so it's been a long school experience for him and it's really hard to imagine life without school and I was feeling melancholy and then I walked outside and I saw that sign and I was literally just a puddle."

Pangborn says her son Mason is having a hard time understanding why his daily routine suddenly just stopped.

“Right now he’s very confused he doesn’t understand where school is, he doesn’t understand why he’s not getting up and doing this, he’s done this since he was three. He really needed those last two months to understand how to transition into adult life so this is really hard.”

Especially hard will be the possibility of no graduation day.

"To walk across the stage is almost like more of a celebration like we did it together and the fact that we're not going to be able to do it together I think that's what's going to hurt the most."

Students say they’re remaining hopeful that they might be able to eventually have a ceremony later in the summer.

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