S.C. lab providing free COVID-19 testing to all first responders

Protecting yourself from coronavirus

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WIS) - A private lab based in Greenville has offered free COVID-19 test to first responders in the state.

The tests are for those who don’t qualify for testing based on the existing criteria, but who believe they may have been exposed.

Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS) will run the tests after the first responder’s doctor orders the test, collects the sample and sends it to the lab.

PMLS said the free tests are “an effort to maintain the strength of South Carolina’s front line of defense during the COVID-19 outbreak and to show appreciation for their dedicated work and sacrifice.”

Results are expected within 24 to 72 hours after a sample is received, PMLS said.

Police officers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics all qualify for the free tests.

“Since the beginning of our validation process for COVID-19 testing, our primary mission has been to increase access to quality COVID-19 testing for South Carolinians,” Kevin Murdock, founder of PMLS, said. “In the same spirit, we want to support our first responders who continue to keep our state safe during this pandemic and incomparable time of uncertainty. We want to sincerely thank them for all they are doing.”

Here are instructions to get a free test, as provided by PMLS:

  • First responders, including Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and EMTs/Paramedics, notify their medical healthcare provider that they would like to have the testing performed by Premier Medical Laboratory Services and ask if the healthcare provider will order and collect the test.
  • Either the first responder or their provider will complete and print the requisition form that will download after completing the form at this link. Please ensure that all fields are completed.
  • The healthcare provider will collect the specimen and send the completed requisition form to Premier Medical Laboratory Services for processing. Please also see packaging and shipping instructions at this link (same as link above).
  • PMLS will set up an account for the healthcare provider and give them access to the online results portal.
  • Once testing is completed, the healthcare provider will pull the test results from Premier Medical’s online portal and communicate them to the first responder.

Anyone with questions can contact PMLS at info@premedinc.com or 1-877-335-2455.

Additional collection sites for samples may be announced at a later date.

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