Photographer taking quarantine photos, donating funds to businesses making PPE

Photographer taking quarantine photos, donating funds to businesses making PPE

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - People across the country are coming together to make things like masks, face shields and other personal protective equipment for essential workers.

Jamie Weaver has been a photographer for 20 years. She said finding work has been hard to find because of the health crisis.

“Pretty much, it ended,” said Weaver.

Now, she’s found a new way to keep doing what she loves and give to those who need it the most.

Weaver’s doing photo shoots called “Quarantine for a Cause” with families, couples and more who have been quarantined together. She’s donating all of the money she earns to local businesses here at home making personal protection equipment for essential workers.

“It’s so exciting for me to be able to take photos because if you look back years from now,” Weaver said. “We’re not going be wearing masks and gloves and being separated, but to remember this time in photographs, I feel like it’s just such an honor.”

She's working with Red Gate Farms who's letting her shoot these pictures on location free of charge.

“We’re glad to be able to help in any way we can," said Sales Representative Melanie Marchand. "It is a tough time we’re all going through. We’re happy as a venue we can donate our services and donate our spot for these shoots.”

All the funds Weaver makes from these shoots go to Abode Studios and Maskerraiders.

Abode Studios said funds from one shoot were able to buy a serger to help them make PPE faster.

“We’re working totally on donations or out of pocket when that runs out," said Alexandra Forby." "We need all the help we can get because we want to keep doing this for as long as it’s needed.”

Weaver said she feels blessed to be able to give back and work with local businesses in her community.

“Everybody is so involved and helpful and I feel like this is really going to bring our community together and also worldwide,” said Weaver.

You learn more about “Quarantine for a Cause”, here.

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