Area drug enforcement agency seeing a drop in trafficking activity due to COVID-19

Area drug enforcement agency seeing a drop in trafficking activity due to COVID-19

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As many are feeling the economic strain of COVID-19, so too are drug dealers.

We’re learning from one area drug enforcement agency that over the past month, they’ve seen trafficking and dealing cases trend down.

When the Chatham-Savannah Narcotics Team has made contact with suspected dealers in recent weeks, they’re learning the potential reason behind that decrease in drug activity.

“Several cases in our investigations the drug dealers have actually noted that they are trying to take a little bit of a break, or they’ve kind of changed the ways in which they operate if you will," said Gene Harley, CNT.

Harley said even drug dealers are worried about contracting COVID-19.

But that’s not to say drug dealing has halted. And close contact with suspects is sometimes unavoidable for CNT’s agents. Fortunately, CNT has a resource at their disposal to keep agents protected.

Harley said, “In our continuing combatting of these controlled substances, we’ve actually brought out our Clandestine Team a little more than we would otherwise. And by that I mean these agents who are specially trained in clandestine laboratories but more importantly use protective clothing…”

Covered from head to toe, those agents can help serve search warrants and process crime scenes if needed.

Another potential factor to a decline in drug trafficking is the lack of access to products at a national and international level.

“Thankfully, that’s causing them to get less amounts at a time instead of their normal larger amounts. And in some cases where they are still getting it, their prices are going up here locally," said Harley.

He added that’s another win for law enforcement, leading to less product making it out into the community.

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