Long Co. resident frustrated with persistent flooding

Long Co. resident frustrated with persistent flooding

LONG COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Homeowners on Maple Road in Long County say the flooding rain overnight didn’t do anything new. They say this area stays flooded more days than it doesn’t.

The string of lily pads marks where a half acre pond swells into five flooded acres. Jonathan Maditz says the waters dropped a little from early Monday morning when it crossed the road. It's still up to the front of his house and surrounding his van.

He says the problem comes from a man-made pond across the road. County crews ran a pipe from here to his pond. Water flows from one to the other, but never drains the flooding. Any rain flows here and stays here.

“It doesn't matter if we get two inches of rain or four inches of rain, it's still going to have the same result, because the water has nowhere to go as of right now,” Maditz said.

He says he's dredged nearby ditches and brought dirt here to build up sides, but with no results. Today, he called county leaders to complain and posted pictures to social media.

County leaders say the plan is to dig a line from the other pond to a nearby canal and that could keep this area drained. But they can’t do the work until this water goes somewhere.

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