Schools, stadiums lighting up for high school seniors

Schools, stadiums lighting up for high school seniors

GEORGIA (WTOC) - Schools all across southeast Georgia used Monday night to honor their Class of 2020.

Many schools like Effingham County and Battery Creek turned on their stadium lights at 8:20, 20:20 in military time, for 20 minutes and 20 seconds. One Savannah school took that gesture a step further.

Senior Jaycee Hughes remembers exactly what she thought when she was told her school was closing due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We realized that was it. It would probably be the last time we’d be able to wear our uniforms.”

Monday night though, uniforms weren’t required. Just a smiling face and a vehicle.

Calvary Day honored their senior class with a drive through ceremony Monday, complete with video board and public address recognition and a tunnel of teacher support.

“It’s awesome that they’re doing this because we thought we’d never be coming back here.”

Caps and gowns were delivered as well, but head of school Dr. James Taylor says that was just part of the night’s purpose. He says the real goal was keeping the connection.

“I know it’s only been five weeks but it feels like five months. We really just wanted this to be a time of refreshment,” said Dr. Taylor.

Social distancing was still in effect, but for the first time in weeks many classmates and teachers were able to see each other not on the other end of a video chat.

“The truth is we just miss them, you know?”

“You’re not wanting to move on, just to not move on from any of these guys”

Like everyone else in the Class of 2020, Hughes has had one of the most unique senior years ever. But she says tonight is different in a good way and at a time like this, that’s a good thing.

“I think this is just going to be something to remember.”

As for graduation, Calvary is moving everything back to June and they’re hoping to have something more traditional than Monday night’s festivities. What that will be hasn’t been decided yet, but Dr. Taylor says no matter what it is, the Class of 2020 will get some kind of graduation moment.

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