Savannah Country Day quiz bowl team finds new way to compete

Hornets taking on country’s best in virtual tournaments

Savannah Country Day Quiz Bowl team finds new way to compete

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - High schools across Georgia are currently shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that includes the activities that can make the student experience memorable.

But one Savannah team has found a new way to compete and stay together.

Southeast Georgia has seen its share of state champions lately. At Savannah Country Day, they had a pretty good feeling about one of their teams: Quiz Bowl.

"We definitely had a strong team this year,” says senior Alvin Adjei.

"I have my player that covers geography. I have my math guy. I have two players that cover the humanities really well,” says head coach Michelle Dumais.

But about a week before the Hornet team was set to compete for that state championship, the coronavirus pandemic forced everything shut down- their shot at a title included.

“You work all these years and one last chance to compete for a championship, and then it just gets called off at the end of senior year," says senior Vik Manocha.

“This was going to be their big, last quiz bowl hurrah,” Dumais says.

But Dumais found a new way for her team to compete, taking on some of the country’s best teams in virtual competitions.

“It’s been very much a consolation prize, but a fun way to spend some more time together,” she admits.

They’ve done well so far. In their first virtual contest last week, the Hornets placed 12th out of 70+ teams from around the U.S. and internationally.

Dumais says she just wanted to give her team something to keep them together a little longer, but it’s also brought a sense of normalcy in a unique time.

“It’s been really nice to still be able to meet with a team and go over packets and questions and then have a little bit of fun catching up afterwards," says senior Ana Talsness.

“They mean the same thing to us, that Quiz Bowl has always meant: just getting together, having fun trying to answer ridiculously hard questions as a team," Adjei says.

While these students may not get their chance at a title, they say being able to compete and have fun with their teammates a few more times has been exactly what they needed.

“Obviously, this is a terrible time with a lot of uncertainty," Manocha says. "You know, we’ll always find a way to gather together as a community and continue to do the things that bond us all and that we enjoy.”

The Hornets will compete in two more tournaments, including one on Wednesday. The hope: taking home a first place finish like they planned to do at state.

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