Community Champions: Grocery store workers

Community Champions: Grocery store workers

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Through the health crisis, we have been able to shop at grocery stores if we choose to because of the dedicated work of the people who work there.

"For them to put their lives and their families and everything on the line to help somebody, I think that's great.”

Every day, employees at supermarkets and grocery stores go to work so that others can keep living their lives; adding a new level of service to a service industry.

"I know if it was just regular business as usual, grocery frontline people might not be considered essential, but we know people have to eat. And again, they're sacrificing, I know it's their job, but they're still sacrificing and their family and everything that goes along with this to come in and serve the community,” Kroger Manager of Corporate Affairs Felix Turner said.

Some have added hours. Most have added responsibilities to help keep stores clean. But all of these WTOC Community Champions are part of keeping stores, supplies and necessities accessible.

"We feel like our people in our stores are on the front line serving people when they come in.”

"For them to be willing to step up to the plate and help somebody else because so many people won’t, or they don't.”

"Very selfless. Yes, they did sign up for a service job, but in this instance, they’re going over and above.”

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