Effingham Co. School District’s end-of-year plan for students

The school year will be winding down but not before students have a chance to raise their grades

Effingham Co. School District’s end-of-year plan for students

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The Effingham County School District now has announced its plan for the end of the school year.

This, of course, was not how ECSD, or anyone, planned on wrapping up the school year.

But after meeting with the school board and principals, Superintendent Dr. Randy Shearouse feels they now have a plan for it.

“We had to compromise here and there but I think we came to a logical conclusion.”

That conclusion meaning for underclassman the final assignments are due May 1. And for seniors this Friday, April 24.

As for grades.

“We’re using the first three nine-weeks grades and we’re coming up with an average," said Shearouse, "and then we’re adding, if they completed all ten assignments in their class, they would get a total of five points.”

In other words, if you had an average of 80 in your class for the first three nine weeks and did all the assignments, you’d now have an 85.

The only difference for seniors is they only have eight assignments per class worth a total of four points.

Assignments that can’t negatively impact their grades but could have a major positive impact.

“Hopefully for some it may allow them the opportunity to pass,” said Shearouse.

For some, a chance to graduate.

Of course, graduation is something the district has been working to figure out with the help of their seniors.

“I think the message was loud and clear, they want to have a graduation," Shearouse said, "they want it to be at our home high schools. So, we’re going to do everything we can to make that happen. Now, of course we have to follow safety protocol and guidelines.”

Hoping to give the seniors the farewell they deserve.

And a final memory for the superintendent as he moves on as well.

“Watching them walk across the stage and shaking their hand and giving them their diploma. That means a lot to me so I really hope I have an opportunity to do that because that would be a good closure to my career.”

After the student’s final assignments on April 24 for seniors and May 1 for underclassmen they will have the opportunity to finish any work they hadn’t completed.

Again, no plans have been finalized for graduation at this time, including the date.

As for next year they are are preparing to do much more review than usual and are now taking a look at how they will handle thing financially as well.

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