Toombs County School District yet to make decision about graduation ceremony

Toombs County School District yet to make decision about graduation ceremony

TOOMBS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Since Toombs County schools closed their doors March 13, the biggest question has been about graduation. But the school says they have not made any final decisions about ceremonies yet.

Booster Stadium or as it's known in the community, The Pit, could still be where the Class of 2020 will have their graduation ceremony. The Toombs County School District has not made a final call about graduation yet. Right now, they say they're holding out hope.

"We're just trying to hope for graduation. That's our big goal we're trying to focus on. We're not trying to focus on all of the things we've lost just the thing that we could have, which is graduation,” senior Trey Cloud said.

Cloud says he's seen his fellow senior class come together during this time. While they can't be with each other at school, they're making sure it's not a “see you later” just yet.

"We have a class of 2020 group chat, so we talk in there. Everyone shares what they've been doing. We kind of look back on memories and tell stories of the past four years,” Cloud said.

Superintendent Barry Waller says they surveyed the seniors about graduation. One of the options was a virtual one, but the seniors all decided against it. Many options, however, are still on the table as they continue to follow guidance from the state.

"If things are relaxed, we're not opposed to having the traditional ceremony in the stadium. If we can't we've looked at the ideas of even a drive thru ceremony, but we're going to do what's best for our seniors,” Waller said.

Parent Jennifer Cloud says regardless of what happens with graduation, it's some of the little things that are hard to miss.

"They didn't get to walk through the halls of the elementary school or put on their cap and gown and walk through the school for everyone to seem them or go to prom or have an honors night. I'm just grateful that the school system hasn't jumped to conclusions and called anything off,” Cloud said.

Seniors were still able to receive well-deserved awards.

"We were fortunate with our end of the year cutoff, at the third eight weeks, to be able to name our Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Honor Graduates,” Waller said.

"They are the biggest cheerleaders for each other. They're making history, they know they're making history, so they're trying to soak it in and I'm very proud of Trey. I'm very proud of all of them,” Cloud said.

Superintendent Waller says they’re willing to push graduation to June or July, so they can have it here. He says the stadium is big enough to follow social distancing guidelines. He hopes to have a decision made in the next two to three weeks.

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