Boy Scouts work on merit badge project to benefit community

Boy Scouts work on merit badge project to benefit community

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Several Scouts in Boy Scout Troop 876 on Whitemarsh Island are working on getting their Family Life Merit Badge while navigating the uncertainty of COVID-19. In order to get it, the Scout has to complete a project for the betterment of the community.

11 of the 53 Scouts in the troop are working on projects to get the Family Life Merit Badge. The Scout has to plan it and implement it with their family. The badge brings them one step closer to being an Eagle Scout.

“One of the things they have to do is a project that benefits us as a family and the other is to plan a project for us as a family to do something for the community,” said Assistant Scout Master Spencer Luke.

Bay Luke decided to make goodie bags for nurses at Candler Hospital.

“We’re reaching out to day surgery," Luke said. "I feel like they’re kind of not remembered as much as the people who are actually helping with COVID-19.”

80 of these bags are filled with snacks that the nurses can quickly grab throughout their shift.

“I just thought of what I would want in a goodie bag!” he said.

Jared Davis is another Scout. For his project, he chose to do some landscaping on his neighbor’s yard.

“She’s working at two hospitals right now," Davis said. "I’m mowing the lawn, my dad is using the weed cutter and my sister is just doing any extra things like raking all the pine straw.”

Spencer says it’s a good opportunity for the Scouts to learn and grow during this time while continuing to serve the local community. Each project is geared toward spreading positivity.

“For him to be able to come up with something and do it and execute it, in the context of the merit badge, and it being so close and helping someone out that we know it was great," said Davis. "It was a good idea.”

Some of the other Scouts made goodie bags for first responders and meals for people in need.

"I think it's just a matter of helping make peoples' lives better."

And it’s certainly a project the Scouts say left an impact on both them and the people who were on the receiving end of it.

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