College football recruiting goes virtual

While live sports aren’t being played right now, teams and coaches are still trying to prepare for the future.

High School football players adjust to virtual recruiting

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -While live sports aren’t being played right now, teams and coaches are still trying to prepare for the future.

Jaylen Sneed and Trent Broadnax are two highly touted football recruits in our area.

Sneed, a sophomore at Hilton Head High has seen his recruitment explode during this pandemic, but not in the traditional sense.

“I’m like, excited. Just all this energy bunched up inside of me,” Sneed said. “I don’t really know how to feel, you know?”

He’s received offers from the top schools in college football: Alabama, Oklahoma, Michigan and Florida, even in-state school South Carolina to name a few, all virtually-- but the process was something he had to adjust to, with the help of his mom.

“When they first started calling, I was really nervous to talk to them, so like, she would do most of the talking, but now I’m getting better. Learning and just feeling it out,” Sneed said.

He says recruiting consists of video calls, coaches even breaking down film with him virtually.

Coaches and recruiters can’t come to visit his home and of course, he can’t visit campus either since they are closed but he’s gotten offers from the likes of Alabama, South Carolina, Texas and Michigan through virtual means.

“It’s been a lot of video chatting, and like, they tell me - they watch the film with me sometimes, or tell me what I do good on film," Sneed said. "My mom just asks what could I work on to get better.”

For Benedictine’s Broadnax, a junior, he committed to Duke during quarantine, so his calls have slowed down.

Unlike Sneed, he was able to make a campus visit before schools shut down.

“I got a real family feel, so I kind of just felt at home. I feel like that’s a place I can grow and just be happy at,” Broadnax explained.

Sneed is hoping to make it to some games in the fall, and both are doing home workouts, preparing for the upcoming season.

Sneed joked that as much as he hates to admit it, he misses going to school and seeing his classmates and teammates.

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