Adopt a high school senior program

Adopt a high school senior program

GARDEN CITY, Ga. (WTOC) - A local gym owner in Garden City is taking it to the next level for high school seniors.

Northern Lights Athletics started an adopt a senior program for all Savannah area high school seniors.

A simple gesture that means so much after many seniors across the country and right here in the Coastal Empire, got their last year of high school taken in the blink of an eye.

“For sure they’re not getting the day that we all had and I can’t even imagine not having my graduation, prom and everything my senior year because everybody looks for that, you wait 12 years for this," said Kimberly Wilson, founder of Northern Lights Athletics.

Which is why Northern Lights Athletics founder Kimberly Wilson says she knew she had to do something to make seniors feel special, and she did just that with an adopt a senior program.

Parents post a little paragraph of who their senior is with a picture, some of the things they like and from there complete strangers can choose to adopt a senior from any Savannah area high school and send them a gift basket to let them know they’re not forgotten.

“You know you grow up your whole life, don’t talk to strangers and only talk to people that you know, and then all of sudden you have strangers that are like pulling you through your last year of high school so they love it.”

A program that started out small and has now turned into something much bigger.

“When I first found out my mom came up to me and she was like Matthew you got adopted, I was like what are you talking about I got adopted I was like that’s weird I thought she actually meant like adopted, this really makes everybody feel so special,” said New Hampstead senior Matthew Shepard.

Even coming as a surprise for some students.

“There’s some really cool like specialized things in here for instance there’s this Class of 2020 travel mug thing, it’s got the Effingham County logo and my name on it which is pretty cool. They got this graduation Mickey, like he’s got the cap and gown on it and everything like that, I think that’s really cool. This is probably one of the coolest things that came in the basket. It just made me feel happy that people are really being aware of what the Class of 2020 has been going through,” said Effingham County High School senior Zach Gatewood.

So though it may be a complete stranger sending a small token of appreciation it’s that simple gesture that means so much in helping many high school seniors get through a tough time.

“I think that it’s amazing that strangers will go out of their way to give us gifts and remind us that we’re loved in some way,” said Savannah Christian senior Morgan Shinn.

Those who haven’t been adopted can still be adopted on the adopt a senior Facebook page. All information is kept confidential.

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