Savannah African Art Museum going virtual for you to experience collections of art

Savannah African Art Museum going virtual for you to experience collections of art

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Savannah African Art Museum is just a couple of years old, but its impressive collection is truly a gift to the Coastal Empire.

If you're looking to do some exploring, you can now see the museum without leaving your house. The museum isn't letting this pandemic stop it from sharing beautiful art with the entire community.

"We've had to close our doors to the public unfortunately, but we're still being active. Taking everything from being in person to online. We just recently launched our first YouTube channel and instead of normal gallery tours, we're doing virtual tours, so people can still follow along on these adventures in the museum but at a safe distance from home,” Billie Stultz said.

Stultz, the museum's executive director, said their team has decided to make the museum accessible to all with a new YouTube channel and additions to their website.

"Right now, has our gallery tours for gallery one and two, we'll be offering them in French and Chinese because we have staff members and docents who are multilingual so it's nice to be able to offer those options. We're also putting our workshops that we do twice a month so people can do a follow along craft tutorial. Collection closeup, an in-depth look for 10 minutes on one specific object in the collection which is a little more involved than our normal tours,” Stultz said.

And when life eventually gets back to normal, they hope everyone will come out and enjoy the real deal.

"We definitely want to see more people coming through, learning more about the museum, and getting out there and being social,” Stultz said.

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