Community Champions have made the United Way fundraiser a success

Community Champions have made the United Way fundraiser a success

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - WTOC helped host a Day of Giving on Wednesday to benefit the United Way of the Coastal Empire.

The call went out. And the calls have not stopped coming in. WTOC Community Champions responding to a need in the community, helping the United Way help those affected by the health crisis. "All day long, it has been lovely and miraculous. It’s wonderful how the community comes together when we need each other.”

The need is real with so many jobs and lives interrupted by the pandemic. But the calls to address it were virtual, people crowding phone lines and Zoom calls to give and to make a difference. "This fund, COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund with the United Way, is going to help families directly that need help with rent, utilities or other essential needs.”

WTOC facilitated the fundraiser. But all corners of the community came forward to take part in it.

"We think the United Way is the best and most efficient way for our company and our employees to help those in need during this very difficult time. But it is also going in part to support the agencies, the United Way sponsored organizations and non-profits that are really on the front lines of social service all year long in good times and bad.”

"We're a family company and we care deeply about all of our neighbors whose lives have been negatively affected by these difficult times. This United Way feels the same way.”

The large companies that wrote large checks were joined by individual donors giving what they could, contributing equally to the event’s success. "iIt’s inspiring. When you give what you can, a $25 donation means as much as a $10,000 gift depending on the situation that it’s coming from.”

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