SCCPSS planning to make additional meals for weekly delivery

SCCPSS planning to make additional meals for weekly delivery

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah-Chatham Public Schools began their weekly distribution of meals Tuesday. During their bus delivery, some routes ran out of food. One parent says they left empty-handed and has hopes the district will find a solution before next week.

Savannah-Chatham has moved to a once weekly meal delivery where students get five days’ worth of meals. The district says it was a decision based on staffing and efficiency. But after their first day, some parents reported issues. One mom wanted to remain anonymous, but says she showed up to their typical stop to find out there weren’t any meals left.

“We got in the car and my kids like, ‘Oh, we don’t get our lunches for this week?’ And I was like, ‘I’m sorry dude,'" explained the parent. “They unfortunately didn’t make enough.”

The parent says the district's meal delivery has worked great until now. They appreciate the meals, but say they saw several kids at the Largo-Tibet stop leave with nothing after waiting for a half hour.

A district spokesperson explained staff makes a best guess about how many students will show up to get meals. They served 95,000 meals on Tuesday. The district says they do know of a couple stops than ran out of meals so they made an additional 200 to be delivered late to some of the bus stops, but for one parent they want a better plan moving forward.

“I’m just very frustrated and I hope that they take into consideration what happened yesterday at all the bus stops,” said the anonymous SCCPSS parent. “And you know the amount of kids that did go home without food and they look at a different plan going forward.”

District officials say they apologize for the inconvenience some faced, but they are working to correct it. The director of food and nutrition plans to make an additional 5,000 meals for next week’s delivery for a total of 100,000 meals. She admits it’s still an educated guess based on who showed up for meals this week.

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