Daycares making changes during COVID-19 pandemic

Hand sanitizer being used at a childcare center.
Hand sanitizer being used at a childcare center.(WTOC)
Updated: May. 1, 2020 at 5:09 PM EDT
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STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - For most parents, the safety of their children during this pandemic is as important as their own health. The childcare centers that remain open face a challenge to keep the virus out of their facilities.

Plenty of childcare centers like this one in Statesboro find themselves in a balancing act, trying to keep enough students to stay open and in business, but also keeping them spread out to socially distance and stay safe.

Michelle Smith Lank meets each child at the door with a thermometer these days at Kids World Learning Center. Childcare centers now have stacks of requirements to prevent COVID-19 from getting inside.

“All of those things have totally changed our world in the childcare industry. But we’re navigating our new normals right now,” said Lank.

Parents can’t go inside at all and staff check in students in full gear.

“Labcoats, face masks, gloves, eyeglasses.”

They have different age groups in different buildings. Teachers stay only in their space to prevent cross-exposure. She says social distancing isn’t a problem when many kids staying home. They were at 97 percent full before COVID-19.

“We’re currently at 18 to 20 percent capacity.”

They received funding through CARES act to make up revenues and compensate staff who aren’t working full hours. She says they’ve stayed open to give essential workers a place to keep children safe while they work the front lines.

“We have ER nurses, grocery shelf stockers, and doctors.”

She considers her teachers and workers to be essential as well.

She says they’ll do whatever they can to keep teachers and children safe, so parents can keep working.

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