New partnership helping farmers sell products directly to customers

New partnership helping farmers sell products directly to customers

WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Poppell Farms in Odum opened its doors to customers a few weeks ago. The market usually doesn’t open until May or June.

“We’ve been extremely busy,” said Tanya Poppell.

The owners saw a need for fresh produce during the pandemic. With empty shelves in grocery stores, owners Tanya and Genell Poppell are hoping to attract customers to their market.

"Of course, we have the onions in, and there's a few vegetables like squash and things that are early that are already in,” Poppell said.

Poppell Farms is one of around 50 Georgia farms getting extra help from a new partnership between the Department of Agriculture's Georgia Grown program and University of Georgia's extension.

"We would work with the extension agents around the state to reach out to farmers that may have excess produce during COVID-19, and how we can help them sell their products directly to consumers,” Deputy Director of Marketing Matthew Kulinski said.

Mark Frye, Wayne County’s extension agent, said selling products is a real concern for producers.

"Some of our producers been worried about moving their produce because of the uncertainty,” Frye said.

The partnership connects producers and consumers online by showing what products are being sold, where it's located and if they can pick up or have their products delivered.

The main goal is to get people to support their local farmers.

“It seems like it tastes better when it comes from home,” said Frye.

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