Suspect in shooting of 72-year-old woman also suspect in a machete attack

Suspect in shooting of 72-year-old woman also suspect in a machete attack

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort Police say a break in the case may mean justice for a 72-year-old woman who was shot while on a jog.

Beaufort Police say they believe they have identified the man who committed the crime.

“He was in Beaufort around the time of the shooting, obviously. And left from the scene of the shooting and went to Charleston," said Captain George Erdel.

Investigators say a seemingly senseless crime is starting to get some answers.

“We don’t know the connection between him and the victim. Right now there is no apparent connection that we can find.“

They have identified 23-year-old Clayton Perdue of North Charleston as the suspect. Investigators started with the evidence they had: part of a license plate caught on a surveillance camera.

“Sled ran the two characters through a partial tag database and was able to narrow that list down to a vehicle belonging to the suspect.”

Beaufort Police worked with other agencies to find the vehicle.

“When investigators in North Charleston Police Department, who helped us with this investigation, located the vehicle they saw the same damage that was visible in our surveillance video on that car. “

And, according to police, discovered that Purdue was the same man who had ran from North Charleston after attacking and hurting a woman with a machete.

“So he is in jail in Charleston for the charges that he received for the alleged role in the machete attack.”

Police don’t know how long he was in Beaufort or why he was here.

And neighbors we spoke with say the entire incident only took about 30 seconds and they weren’t sure they were ever going to find out who did it. They say now they are just glad they have an identity.

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