Pooler Frames N’ Games opens with new restrictions

Local bowling alley feels confident they can safely open to the public

Pooler Frames N’ Games opens with new restrictions

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - Frames n’ Games in Pooler has been shut down for about a month and a half due to COVID-19, even after getting the go-ahead to open from the Governor they remained closed.

Although they’re now open to the public, they’ve made some major changes they feel will keep everyone safe.

“I think it’s safer to come here than going to the grocery store,” said Frames-n-Games General Manager Jay Patel.

Patel is confident the precautions they’ve taken will ensure everyone stays safe.

“We got the marks down every 6 foot,” said Patel. “Once they come in the building, we’re taking their temperature."

From there you follow the marks on the floor to the counter.

“We have everything behind the counter right now.”

Bowling balls, shoes, and a new change, a time limit.

“They are limited to get no more than an hour, hour and a half,” Patel says.

Another big change you’re sure to notice is they’ve closed off half the lanes, blocked off tables and chairs to ensure social distancing.

Then, once you’re done playing, Patel says, “you’ll leave everything on the lanes and our team will come out and sanitize everything.”

This will cut down on the chance any germs could be transferred to customers or other employees.

Patel admits the whole process has been far from easy.

“It was very tough to shut it down, but it was tougher to reopen it back up again.”

Patel feels opening now is the right thing to do, not only from a business standpoint and to protect the jobs of his employees, but also for his customers.

Customers he says we’re grateful to be able to hit the lanes again.

“They were thankful that we opened up and they were finally after a month and a half able to bowl and they were happy,” he said.

Even though the bowling alley, bar, and restaurant are open at Frames N Games, the arcade and laser tag remain closed.

Patel did tell WTOC Premier Bowl and Bistro in Pooler, which is in the same ownership group as Frames n Games, is also opening their doors.

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