SCCPSS makes adjustments to weekly meal delivery to better serve students

SCCPSS makes adjustments to weekly meal delivery to better serve students

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s no small feat to get 100,000 meals across the county ,but one that Savannah Chatham County Public School System is doing.

Last week Savannah-Chatham ran out of food on about five of their 400 bus routes during their weekly meal delivery. To avoid that again they made adjustments to be better prepared during Tuesday’s delivery.

“We have additional staff to make sure additional product is already prepared to ensure that we can meet the needs of the community,” said Vanessa Miller-Kaigler, SCCPSS deputy superintendent

They made an extra 5,000 meals, had busses on stand-by for added deliveries if needed and had their call center fully staffed. School leaders have worked tirelessly through supply chain issues, contingency plans and routes to make sure they can serve students.

“We don’t want to do anything less than we do year-round,” explained Miller-Kaigler. “In this pandemic we want to make sure that we’re still meeting the nutritional needs of our students and that’s why you see those drivers those school nutrition workers are passionate.”

Savannah-Chatham leaders say what’s most important is making sure that the students who need the meals can get them. Those who are taking advantage of the program say it’s delicious.

“It tastes really good I mean sometimes they have breakfast sometimes they have lunch, so it’s really good,” explained Michaela Chaney, 3rd grade student. “And then they have milk in it and I’m a milk lover.”

Families lined up at 400 stops Tuesday to get five days worth of breakfast and lunch, the bags heavy with food. While some have voiced concerns about the program, others say they are beyond grateful for this help.

“It’s a big help for the family it takes a lot of stress off trying to provide dinner and lunch on a daily basis,” said Frankie Hyman, a mother of five. “It’s good because we’re not working right now and it helps us to keep from spending money we just don’t have right now.”

District leaders encourage you to call their transportation department (912-395-5591) if you had issues so they can sort it out. They are committed to putting food directly into students’ hands.

Next week is the districts final delivery as the school year comes to an end.

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