Beaufort mayor still asking residents, visitors to wear masks

Beaufort mayor still asking residents, visitors to wear masks

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - As you walk through Beaufort, masks and gloves are only occasionally seen. The mayor says he hopes people will change that.

The city has publicly declared they would prefer people to wear masks in public place.

“People should continue to social distance, should continue to wash regularly, do sanitize areas, and wear masks,” Mayor Billy Keyserling said.

But that is not always what people are choosing to do. The mayor says some people have even reached out to him angry about being asked to wear masks in public. But wearing a mask isn’t even necessarily intended to protect you, and when everyone decides to wear them, everyone is protected.

“A mask on you and a mask on me makes us pretty careful,” Keyserling said.

Beaufort numbers of positive COVID-19 cases have leveled off, but the mayor says he wants to avoid any behavior that could support a spike

“This thing came upon us and it can come back upon us. But we have the control. We can prevent that if we take those precautions. We’ve seen it work,” Keyserling said.

He says wearing a mask, washing your hands, and staying away from others should be seen not as a sacrifice but as a service to others.

“It’s respecting one another. Building confidence in our sanitation as we open up our stores, Which I think is going to get us open and more productive faster rather than slower,” he said.

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