Coastal Health District increases COVID-19 testing access in Richmond Hill

Coastal Health District increases COVID-19 testing access in Richmond Hill

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - As more testing becomes available for the coronavirus, ExperCare in Richmond Hill has partnered with the Coastal Health District to increase testing access in Bryan County.

Although many people would describe the test as more uncomfortable than painful, it’s a rather quick process for being tested for the coronavirus. Patients will drive up and get a nose swab, officials at ExperCare said it’s important for organizations to work together for the health and safety of the community and to help health experts figure out what the positive numbers mean.

“I think we’re all learning that the more testing we’re doing the more access to testing there is," said Richmond Hill ExperCare CEO Catherine Grant. "The more information we have and the more information we have the better decisions we can make related to the Coronavirus and its prevalence in our community.”

She said although they’re just serving as a collection site, because of the resources they have anyone can get a referral from the department of public health and get tested for the virus.

'We’ve been testing for some weeks now as far as a business and since we have the PPE and the outside testing tent setup, we thought it would be a great way to just be able to extend access to collecting those specimens for the department of public health in our county."

For the CHD, Director Dr. Lawton Davis said their goal is to increase the opportunity for the general public to get a test.

“We have to have good data to make good predictions and recommendations for what’s new in the future," Dr. Davis said. "Of course, anyone who tests positive we know that person is a potential source to spread to other people.”

He said it helps them identify where the hotspots are in the surrounding areas.

Anyone who does get tested at ExperCare in Richmond Hill, results will be given to them through the Georgia Department of Public Health.

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